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Installation of the security alarm system

Security signaling – enrollment of the technical means intended for safety of territories, objects or certain rooms due to detection of danger and informing on it security services.

The complexes of electronic devices including a set of the sensors, announcers, means of communication and power supply intended for timely definition of the facts of unauthorized penetration on the protected object are the cornerstone of similar security systems.

All information on a condition of the object which is under protection is reflected in the central control panel, and their processing is carried out by means of the controller-registrar transforming data to the format suitable for transfer for a protection post with the round-the-clock stay of personnel.

In order that safety of an object was the highest, carrying out zoning of the protected space is expedient. It is accepted to carry to the main security zones:

  • The perimeter zone providing control of the territory, adjacent to an object, and movements of persons on it;
  • The front zone providing control of external perimeter of the building on all perimeter;
  • The internal zone providing control over internal rooms of the building which is under protection.

Design and installation of security signallings one of the main activities of the LLC Atlant company. Use of the equipment of the leading global manufacturers, extensive experience of design installation work and high quality specialists allow us to resolve successfully issues of safety, as for small, certain rooms, and for large objects of production or warehouse assignment.

Creation of any project represents the individual work based on accounting of features of arrangement of an object, its functional purpose, safety requirements and financial opportunities of the customer. All projects in the Atlant company remain in special archive, but according to the decision of the client they can be removed after completion of installation works.

Practice shows that insufficiently simply qualitatively to execute installation of security signaling. Also its subsequent technical maintenance is required. Our company offers complex services in the field of guarantee and post warranty maintenance of systems that the equipment remained in operating state a progressive tense.

Carrying out regular tinning by experts will become guarantee of reliability, durability and fail-safety of operation of the equipment and also will allow to define in due time arising problems for their expeditious elimination.

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