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About the LLC Atlant company

The company LLC "Atlant" works in Moscow and the region of Moscow, us on the market from 2008 in the sphere of the organisation of the complex systems of security, which is orientated to any Clients according to conception and assemblage of the systems of the vidéoobservation, signalling anti-break-in, the control of access, audio and video on-door speakerphone of systems, various systems of notification and their subsequent service.

In the course of existence the specialists of the company successfully fulfilled a big quantity of plans by beginning small installations by finishing the service of the big shopping centre.

The priority of the company is the execution of the task fixed at the farthest qualitatively with direction towards individual method for every client. Such job helps us not to stay on the spot and improve our technologies and the diagrammes of job.

We grant delivery and we assure the installation of the broad spectre of the equipment in the sphere of the equipment of security and link on the objects of any "ready-made" complexity.

The pride of the company is the highly qualified personnel — the specialists in the systems of the vidéoobservation, the assemblage of the systems of the vidéoobservation, the systems of control of access and other one. The plans of any complexity comes true by the specialists with a big professionalism. The application of the best equipment in each of the classes of the systems of security, and the combination of the equipment of the different producers, allows us to receive the sure system, which will work on you the exactly long years.

The experience of huge job with the objects of various sum and complexity, allows us to form proposal for you with the sure and most real decision according to your requirements in the systems of security.

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