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Installation of systems of video surveillance

Modern systems video surveillance have broad functionality that allows to solve various problems with their help, beginning from increasing the level of security of an object, finishing with control of labor discipline and observance of safety measures.

With use of video cameras visual control of space is implemented, record of images in memory is kept, there is possibility of recognition of automobile number boards and human faces, the analytics of video and many other things is provided. All this allows not only to prevent crimes, but also to simplify search of malefactors at their commission.

It is possible to use video surveillance, both on commercial objects, and for protection of personal property, a country house or the apartment.

Installation of systems of video surveillance allows to get several advantages at once:

- To provide simultaneous control over the large objects or several objects which are under protection;

- To capture the protected space from various foreshortenings, including sites, remote from protection posts;

- To receive control over productions, observance by personnel the work mode;

- To react more quickly to the arising emergency situations demanding immediate actions.

- Use the saved materials from surveillance cameras as evidential base at trials, including judicial.

Today's market offers buyers a wide range of products in the field of video surveillance, the differing price and quality. The LLC Atlant company works only with the leading producers in the field of creation of systems of video surveillance, proposing only qualitative and reliable solutions capable to provide the due level of overall performance of a system in any conditions.

We will undertake obligations not only for design, but also installation of systems of video surveillance, performing all works at the most qualitative level.

Video equipment types

For today all systems of video surveillance are divided into two large groups: digital and analog. The first have higher cost, but at the same time have expanded functionality and the improved quality of the image. In turn the popularity of analog models is explained by their price availability.

As important advantage of digital systems the possibility of their integration performs with other services in uniform complexes. In turn their mounting demands certain skills therefore only true professionals of the business should perform such work.

Engineers of the LLC Atlant company will carry out competent mounting with individual selection of the equipment, having provided it with a full-fledged guarantee. With us you receive in the order the effective system of video surveillance, reliable and long-lasting.

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