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Service of security systems

Regular procedural service of security systems is a basis of their durable operation without breakages, false drawdowns and other problems. Even the most perfect systems need prevention and periodic check.

The LLC Atlant company offers professional service of the systems both established independently, and earlier mounted by specialists of other companies.

It is necessary to consider that in some cases need of scheduled works is set legislatively, for example, service of the fire warning is enshrined in the state regulations, and its non-execution leads to involvement of guilty persons to responsibility.

Our company is ready to render to the clients services in services industry of any systems ensuring safety of an object.

We carry out:

- Service of systems of video surveillance. In use the equipment collides negative impact of the external environment, for example, dust and other pollutants reduce quality of the image. Plus the minor problems of program and technical character needing elimination collect over time.

- Service of the fire warning. The overall performance of this system determines the value of the damage suffered in case of fire emergence. For this reason it is reasonable to carry out scheduled works in strict accordance with requirements, observing the set frequency.

- Service of security signaling. If also the staff of the operating company can execute works on visual inspection and cleaning of cases of the equipment, then verification of the software, diagnostics of electronics should be carried out by the experienced specialists possessing the corresponding equipment.

- Service of control and management systems for access. Multilevel ACS are the difficult mechanism needing coincidence tuning and regular diagnostics. Only this way it is possible to guarantee implementation of all functionality which is initially put in a system.

The LLC Atlant company proceeds from expediency of a complex method of service, the most effective in modern conditions, the equipment allowing to carry out an inspection in all directions, beginning from visual inspection of integrity, and finishing with verification of mistakes in ON. Such approach allows to try to obtain reliability, non-failure operation and high technical readiness of the equipment for a long time.

All works on service of security systems are carried out on the basis of the schedules recommended by the producer of the equipment with drawing up reporting documentation in full accordance with industry GOST. For each object the magazine of scheduled works, with entering in it all information on the revealed remarks is without fail kept.

Assuming liabilities on equipment maintenance, specialists of the Atlant company guarantee that it will be in operating state, in full carrying out the functional duties. Honesty, responsibility, professionalism, decency, here the main trends of our company in work with clients.

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