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Automatic fire alarm

The LLC Atlant company one of leaders of the capital market of fire warnings specializing in complex rendering services, beginning from sale and equipment installation, and finishing it with after-sales service.

Performance of work on design and the subsequent mounting of the fire warning represents difficult engineering process which can be entrusted only true professionals. Otherwise there are risks of failure of a system at midpoint that will lead to loss of life and serious material damage. For this reason the appeal to the Atlant company an optimal solution in any situation.

Installation of the fire warning represents multistage process, on each of steps of which the maximum responsibility is required.

Any work begins with design. At this stage it is necessary to pick up the equipment, to define the locations of sensors and laying a cable trass. At the same time the places which are characterized by the highest fire risks are calculated. Also the estimate on purchase of the equipment and execution of mounting forms.

When developing the project it is required to consider the mass of various nuances, for example, for electric conducting protection against influence of direct fire has to be provided, and the locations of cables should not pass through zones of electromagnetic radiation. When choosing sensors the principles of their work are taken into consideration: on smoke, growth of temperature, electromagnetic impulses.

After the project is created and approved, the stage of its implementation begins. It is required not only install sensors and the equipment, but also to connect them all in a uniform system. Also the correctness of commissioning is not of smaller importance. Carrying out setup of the fire-fighting equipment is possible only on condition of presence at experts of necessary skill level.

Only after all works were completed, and the system underwent testing for working capacity, it is put into operation. Further it the staff of fire inspectorate will subject to regular checks.

The modern equipment differs in the high level of complexity, in many cases for control skills of programming therefore works have to be performed only by experienced experts having not only knowledge, but also the corresponding technical capabilities are required.

The LLC Atlant company possesses all necessary for design and further mounting of fire warnings of the leading global manufacturers. The combination of experience, responsibility and necessary tools allows to cope in the shortest possible time with any objectives, regardless of degree of their complexity. All offered range of the equipment completely conforms to modern requirements that is confirmed by certificates of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

With the LLC Atlant company the question of fire protection will be closed once and for all.

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