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Automatic fire alarm system

Atlant Company is a leading fire alarm company in the Moscow market offering a multi-purpose service, ranging from sale and installation of the equipment to after-sales maintenance.

The design and subsequent installation of the fire alarm is a complex engineering process which can only be entrusted to true professionals. Otherwise, there are risks of system failure at the most critical moment which may lead to human losses and serious material damage. That is why, for your confidence in the safety of your installation you can contact us today to create the best solution for any issues arisen.

Installing a fire alarm is a multi-stage process each stage of which requires maximum responsibility.

The first stage starts with designing. We determine the most effective combination of fire safety equipment, the location of the sensors and the laying of cable routes. Alongside with that we identify locations with the highest fire risks. Our team estimates the budget for the equipment purchase and installation work.

When developing a project, it is necessary to take into account a lot of various subtle aspects, for example, electrical wiring needs protection against direct fire and cable locations should not pass through areas of electromagnetic radiation. When choosing sensors, our fire technicians take into consideration certain parameters such as: smoke, temperature rise, and electromagnetic pulses.

After the project is created and approved, the stage of its practical implementation begins. Firstly, it is required that our team not only installs sensors and equipment but also connects them all into a single system. Correct commissioning work also plays an important role. The necessary level of qualification is required when carrying out the adjustment of fire-fighting equipment.

Only after all work has been completed and the system has passed a functional test, the system becomes ready for operation. Further, fire inspectors will subject it to regular inspections.

Modern equipment has a high level of complexity and in many cases setting up system requires programming skills. That means that the work should only be carried out by experienced professionals who have not only knowledge but also relevant technical skills.

Atlant company has everything necessary for the design and further installation of fire alarms of the leading world manufacturers. We are committed to being the premier fire alarm service based on our experience and responsibility, providing necessary tools to cope the issues regardless of their complexity in the shortest possible time. The whole range of the equipment offered fully complies with modern requirements, which is confirmed by certificates of the Ministry of Emergencies.

Atlant Company is ready to manage any issues arisen once and forever.

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