Installation of access control systems (ACS)

Access control systems (or ACS) are currently demanded means of restricting access to various rooms with the possibility of building multi-level access chains. Such systems are in demand in various fields, from equipping facilities of defense and law enforcement agencies to educational and commercial institutions.

The installation of access control systems provides for an impressive amount of work, which only real specialists can efficiently cope with. Creation of the system requires:

- equip checkpoints;

- Develop a system of access rights for employees and visitors at various levels;

- Install control means, management and fixations that control all zones;

- Provide a solution for a bunch of supporting tasks.


System building technology

Creating a full-fledged access control system is a difficult and responsible task that Atlant professionals are able to cope with. Depending on the needs of the customer, our employees will select the best equipment according to the principles of operation and functionality. Technically, access control systems are based on readers, installed on doors and electronic keys (cards, key rings, etc.), in which information about owner’s level of access is wired.

In addition, the system includes a central controller which displays all the information about the current system parameters, door status and so on. More complex systems give you opportunity to store information for a long time, carry out remote reprogramming of locks, and connect ACS with other security systems. If necessary, the system can be enhanced with scanners on various recognition principles and other advanced devices.

Our company has many years of experience in creating and installing access control systems, so we are ready to solve the most complex problems and our workmanship sets us apart from the rest market representatives.

Installation of access control systems

The presence of an ACS system is capable of solving a wide variety of tasks ranging from ensuring safety and protection against intruders to the organization to control over the labor discipline of subordinate personnel.

At the same time, the systems run in its full capacity only if professionally installed. The Atlant company not only provides all the work with a full warranty but also offers customers favorable price conditions that make our offer a great value for the price.

ACS provides:

  • Ensure restriction of access to separate rooms;
  • Keep a schedule of working hours;
  • Ensure an increase in the overall level of security of the facility.

In the process of choosing a contractor we support others in delivering superior service, so Atlant customers can get the following from the best representatives of the market:

  • The high professionalism of installers;
  • Strict adherence to agreed deadlines;
  • Cost-effective conditions;
  • Support in the development of an ACS project.

Call us and with our services, you will get the highest quality work.

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