Installation of intercom systems

Today, home intercom systems have firmly entered the life of a modern person and have been a staple in home security systems of a basic level. The use of video intercoms allows us not only to limit access for strangers but also to exclude the possibility of unwanted meetings.

Generally, you can carry out the installation of the intercom on your own, but to eliminate troubles in the subsequent operation, it is better to entrust the installation of intercom systems to professional specialists. Please remember that another benefit you can get from professional installation is a manufacturer’s warranty.

LLC Atlant installs intercom system in the apartment, a country house or the office room. Regardless of the scope it will be completed promptly and efficiently.

Intercom as a tool for all occasions

The decision to install an intercom undoubtedly contributes to increasing the security level of the protected facility, limiting contacts with unwanted people, and setting up an access system to separate rooms. Thus, the intercom is able to provide not only proprietary but also individual security.

In order for the intercom to work reliably and fulfill all its functionality it is necessary not only to select high-quality equipment, but also to conduct its competent installation. LLC Atlant is engaged not only in the sale of intercoms, but also provides professional services for the installation of intercom systems and their subsequent maintenance. In addition, we are ready to install the equipment purchased by the client from another seller.

Apart from excellent experience in performing the work our certified specialists use modern tools for high-quality and accurate installation. At the same time, we provide the entire list of services with a full warranty covering defects at our own expense.

The installation involves an impressive range of work including connecting the video intercom, connecting it to power, installing electromechanical locks, laying cable lines, setting up and debugging equipment. Practice shows that violations at one of the stages leads to the decrease in the quality of the entire installation, therefore, choosing attracted specialists is a matter of a particular responsibility.

LLC Atlant offers the services of professional installation of many different types of Intercom systems at attractive prices. Our cost-effective and time-saving approach ensures on-going satisfaction and assurance. We also offer full warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment necessary for its long life trouble-free operation.

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