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Installation of video surveillance systems

Modern video surveillance systems have wide functional capabilities which allow us to solve various tasks ranging from increasing the level of security of an object to monitoring labor discipline and observing safety procedures.

Cameras provide visual space control, images are recorded in memory, and there are different options of recognizing car license plates and human faces, video analytics and much more. All this allows us not only to prevent crimes, but also to simplify the search for law breakers for the committed crimes.

You can use video surveillance at commercial facilities and to protect personal property, a country house or an apartment.

Installation of video surveillance systems gives you several advantages at once:

- Provide simultaneous control of large facilities or several protected facilities;

- Cover the protected area from various angles including areas remote from security posts;

- Take control over production processes, staff compliance with the labor regime;

- Enable faster response to emergencies that require immediate action;

- Use recorded materials from surveillance cameras as evidence in court and other proceedings.

Today’s market offers customers a wide array of video surveillance products varying in price and quality. For a reliable systems approach LLC Atlant works exclusively with leading manufacturers of video surveillance systems, offering only high-quality and reliable solutions that can ensure the proper level of system performance in any conditions.

We commit ourselves not only to design but also to install video surveillance systems, performing all works at the highest quality level.

Types of Video Equipment

Today all video surveillance systems are divided into two large groups: digital and analog. The first has a higher cost but at the same time has enhanced functionality and improved image quality. On the other hand the popularity of analog models is justified by cost-effectiveness.

An important advantage of digital systems is the possibility of their integration with other services in a single complex. However, their installation requires certain skills and, therefore, only true professionals in their field should perform such work.

Backed by thorough experience Atlant engineers will carry out competent installation with an individual selection of equipment with a full guarantee. LLC Atlant offers to Customers almost unlimited potential, reliable and long-life video surveillance systems.

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