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Security Service

Regular maintenance of security systems ensures their long-term operation without breakdowns, false alarms and other problems. Even the most advanced systems require necessary service intervals and maintenance.

LLC Atlant offers professional maintenance of systems for both installed individually and previously installed by specialists of other companies.

It is necessary to take into account that in some cases the need for routine maintenance is established by the law, for example, all fire alarms are required to be inspected as specified in state regulations, and its non-fulfillment leads to the prosecution of the responsible people.

Atlant’s staff of fully trained and licensed technicians is ready to offer its customers comprehensive inspections of any safety systems of the facility.

We offer:

- Maintenance of video surveillance systems. During operation, the equipment is exposed to the negative impact of the external environment, for example, dust and other pollutants reduce image quality. Additionally, over time, problem-solving measures are required for minor programmatic and technical issues.

- Fire alarm service. The effectiveness of this system determines the amount of losses incurred in the event of a fire. That is why we recommend scheduled maintenance in strict adherence to the requirements and established frequency.

- Security alarm service. In case the employees of the operating company can perform visual inspection and cleaning of the equipment housings, we recommend the software verification and diagnostics of the electronics to be carried out by experienced specialists with the appropriate equipment.

- Maintenance of access control systems. Multi-level ACSs are a complex mechanism that requires fine setting and regular diagnostics. This is the only way to guarantee the implementation of all the functional capabilities originally laid down in the system.

LLC Atlant proceeds from the feasibility of a comprehensive service method that is most effective in modern conditions allowing equipment to be inspected fully, starting from a visual inspection of integrity and finishing with error-checking in the software. This approach allows us to achieve reliability, fail-free operation and high technical availability of equipment on a long-term basis..

Inspections can be completed as frequently as needed on the basis of schedules recommended by the equipment manufacturer with the preparation of reporting documentation compliant with industry All Union state standards (GOST). For each object we provide a complete scheduled maintenance records containing identified defects and comments.

Taking responsibility for the equipment maintenance Atlant specialists guarantee its operational condition showing its full functionalities. Our customers can rely on the main principles of our company such as honesty, responsibility, professionalism, and faithfulness.

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