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Security alarm Installation

Security alarm is comprised of a set of technical means designed to ensure the safety of territories, facilities or individual premises by detecting a danger and informing security services about it.

Such security systems are based on electronic devices, including a set of sensors, detectors, communications and energy means, designed to timely determine the facts of unauthorized entry into the protected facility.

All information about the protected facility is shown on the central control panel and processed by the recorder controller, transforming data into a format suitable for transmission to the security post with our staff available 24/7.

In order to ensure the highest level of safety of the facility, we recommend zoning of the protected space. Conventionally, the main security zones are:

  • The perimeter zone controls the territory adjacent to the facility and detects motions in it;
  • Facade zone controls the external perimeter of the building along the entire perimeter;
  • An internal zone controls the internal premises of a protected building.

Design and installation of security alarms is one of the Atlant’s key activity areas. The use of equipment from leading world manufacturers, thorough experience in design and installation work and highly qualified specialists allow us to successfully solve security issues for wide range of premises from small, separate rooms to large industrial or warehouse facilities.

Creating a project is an individual work based on review of the peculiarities of the location of the facility, its functional purpose, security requirements and financial capabilities of the customer. All projects in LLC Atlant are saved in a special archive, but under client’s decision they can be deleted after installation is completed.

.Practice has shown that security alarm system requires not only a qualified installation but also its subsequent maintenance. Our company offers a single point of contact for complex services for warranty and post-warranty maintenance of systems so that the equipment remains in working condition for a long time.

Regular scheduled maintenance provides reliability, durability and trouble-free operation of the equipment and allows preventatively identify emerging problems and their subsequent operative repair.

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