Security systems design

LLC Atlant designs security systems of any complexity. Our company has developed security and alarm systems for dozens of facilities, including technically complex and unique objects such as industrial enterprises, commercial companies, cottages and high rise apartment buildings, banks and objects with a large number of people.

Alongside with security systems designing our specialists can design projects for ventilation and air conditioning systems.

To ensure the highest level of object security Atlant engineers at an early stage of designing security systems develop automation and dispatch systems, as well as integrating various protection and alarm systems into a single complex.



- fire protection systems, fire alarm and warning systems, smoke removal and lightning protection;

- video surveillance, employees and visitors monitoring;

- access control systems (ACS);

- intercom systems.

Designing video surveillance system

Designing a video surveillance system goes through all stages of development. To prepare the project we attract company’s true professionals.

The main purpose of video surveillance systems is to monitor the situation at the protected facility. Cameras feature a very large scope of use. The presence of cameras is an inevitable part of a modern security system. It is very important to consider the location of the cameras, as well as their configuration.

The correct calculation of the video surveillance system ensures reliable and high-quality operation of the video surveillance system in its subsequent operation.

Fire Alarm Design

Designing a fire alarm is an important process requiring fire license issued by the Ministry of Emergencies. Fire alarm system is designed by the experienced Atlant specialists. Correct calculation will ensure reliable and high-quality operation of the fire alarm system for years.

Security Alarm Design

Designing a security alarm system goes through the three basic stages of development.  Security alarm system is designed with the help of the best specialist of our company.  A good design of an alarm system will meet your safety needs bringing a high degree of protection to your property. 

Access Control System (ACS)

Design of access control system (ACS) goes through all stages of development. To prepare a project we attract company’s true professionals. The correct calculation of the access control system ensures reliable and high-quality operation of the video surveillance system in its subsequent operation.

The first stage includes preliminary design of security systems. Atlant engineers study the documentation of the facility, the terms of the customer’s technical specifications and the recommendations of our experts who conducted the pre-design survey of the facility, as well as additional requirements and preferences of the client. Based on this data, our designers and engineers prepare several schematic designs of the security system and attach an explanatory note revealing the advantages and weak points of each option.

Various options for the future project offer the use of various types of security systems, equipment of various manufacturers - both foreign and domestic, various degrees of security for the facility, different levels of automation and scheduling, etc. Preliminary design variants of the security system are presented to the customer. Our designers explain the features of each option and their estimated cost. Based on the presentation and consultations with our specialists, the client chooses the most preferable option for the future project. At the same time, experience shows that when choosing a preliminary design of a security system, the client’s technical specifications are adjusted and changes are made to the selected design option for the security system.

The schematic design stage is the most important one. At this stage our experts determine which sectors of the facility will be equipped with security systems, what tasks are set for security systems in each sector, the most preferable budget for the customer, adjust the technical specification, etc. The preliminary design is the foundation of the future security system of the facility, it determines the possibilities of modernization and integration of technical and warning means of protection in the future.

The second stage is a technical design of the security system.  The schematic design is detailed: reference to the real structure (territory), the selection of the necessary equipment, the determination of the areas of technical means functioning, the configuration of routes and channels for laying networks, the solution of energy supply issues, the choice of software, etc. The result of the technical design of the security system is the technical documentation, drawings and specifications, as well as an explanatory note to the project and, if necessary, the results of an independent examination. The customer receives a full package of documents necessary for the start of installation work.

The third stage is the working design of the security system which determines the conditions for the implementation of the prepared project. The working design involves calculation of the cost and terms of installation and commissioning, as well as the necessary measures for the implementation of the project (for example, coordination of actions of various technical and construction services of the customer, coordination of actions with subcontractors, the need to obtain permits from state and local regulatory authorities, etc.). We prepare a working design of the security system in case the implementation of the project is carried out by our company.

The projects prepared by our specialists are distinguished by a detailed study tailored to customers’ individual and financial preferences.

To design the security system of your enterprise, company, home or land, just contact us by phone. In the shortest possible time, our experts will start to design your security system.


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