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Installation of security systems

Modern security systems are complex systems consisting of a large number of technical means combined under a single centralized management. The construction of such systems is a complex, time-consuming process characterized by a large number of subtle aspects.

For our customers’ convenience Atlant company not only carries out professional installation of security systems but also performs the whole range of related works, including system design, equipment selection, commissioning, and after-sales service. From start to finish, our dedicated team of Atlant experts handle all aspects of our customers’ security system installation from equipping the apartment with an intercom to installing multi-level systems at facilities with high security requirements.

A professional on-site assessment by our experts is conducted for each facility evaluating all its characteristics to ensure an efficient and effective security solution. If necessary, Atlant engineers check an already installed system, make changes to it or eliminate identified shortcomings.

After-sales service from our company provides the most time-sensitive repair, and in case of malfunction during the warranty period, the work is done for no cost for the client.

 We guarantee our customers:

  • Working with only highly qualified specialists;
  • Offer only high-quality equipment;
  • High-quality installation of security systems with a full warranty;
  • Competitive prices;
  • Short-time execution of the order;
  • Full after-sale service and installation of equipment;
  • Providing consulting services.

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