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Installation of warning systems

An important role in fire alarm systems belongs to the installation of warning systems. They are designed to timely notify people about the emergency and the actions that need to be taken. Depending on the model of the detectors, the warning can be in voice, sound or light form.

Modern warning systems have wide functionality, including the automatic sending of messages to mobile devices of recipients registered in the system. Such systems can differ in zoning, operating principles, additional options, and so on.

However, the structure of the typical set of elements for warning systems includes:

  • Signal switch;
  • Sound reinforcing equipment;
  • Signal sources;
  • Loudspeakers

    According to the principles of their work, all systems can be divided into two large groups: local and centralized. The latter are more functional, have automatic control mode, allow zoning of the objects into several sections.

In most cases, warning systems are not considered as a separate element but they are integral part of large scale fire and security systems, responsible for notifying people in the building about certain emergency situations.

Installation of warning systems comes along with a large number of components, complexity of their connection and interaction, and should be done only by qualified specialists with the necessary skills and tools. Otherwise, there are risks of premature equipment break down, frequent false alarms or system malfunctions at the right time.

To avoid the risks and situations you may face, just contact Atlant company. Our experts are available to answer any questions and have everything necessary for the operational solution for warning systems. We can select and install the necessary equipment and undertake obligations for its maintenance.

When selecting the equipment and type of warning, our experts inspect the operating conditions of the future system and provide the best solution to make the warning signal clearly audible, distinguishable, and covering the entire space under the control of the system.

LLC Atlant has several years of experience at the market of warning systems and during this time period proved to be a responsible and reliable partner capable of solving any problems on conditions favorable to the client.

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